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SÈVE* is a Parisian jewelry brand that celebrates personal growth, reminding us that everything we need to achieve our aspirations already resides within us, waiting to be unveiled.

Just as sap nourishes a tree to foster its growth, SÈVE symbolizes this inner strength. When nurtured and cultivated, it becomes the embodiment of our potential and  resourcefulness, enabling us to grow and evolve, guiding us toward our fulfillment.

Our contemporary designs go beyond mere adornment; they become emotional companions reflecting the wearer's story. They stand as witnesses to our lives, cherished and passed down through generations, accompanying us on our journeys.

Each of our pieces is meticulously handcrafted by master artisans in a Parisian workshop, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship. We are committed, without compromise, to sustainability and ethical practices, exclusively using recycled 18-carat gold and ethically sourced natural diamonds.

SÈVE mirrors the essence of oneself.

*Meaning sap in French.


We collaborate with partner companies certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). Each of our pieces are handcrafted and polished by master jewelers at a Parisian workshop honored with the "Art de France" label. Our workshop, renowned for its expertise, collaborates with numerous houses at Place Vendôme, the epicentre of renowned high jewelry brands.

We exclusively use 18-carat recycled gold, certified through chain of custody according to RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) standards, and ethically sourced natural diamonds, adhering to the Kimberley Process. We select only exceptionally high-quality diamonds with a color grade of F-G and a clarity of VS, as favored by the world's foremost luxury brands.

In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, we produce all our pieces on demand and have opted for reusable packaging, manufactured in Europe from responsible materials. By maintaining our operations as locally and traceably as possible, we ensure that sustainability and ethical practices are central to our identity.


SÈVE reinvents classic designs with a contemporary approach, creating a clean and timeless aesthetic.

Our inspiration draws from contemporary art, organic forms, and textures found in nature, as well as the dynamics of movement and light. This blend of influences is reflected in our aesthetic, where sleek lines and undulating curves coexist harmoniously.

Each of our creations bears the distinctive signature of SÈVE: diamonds placed on the edges, subtly enhancing the pieces from every angle, while also reminiscent of the brilliance residing within each of us.


Jewelry celebrates personal expression beyond gender notions. SÈVE embodies this freedom by making each piece of jewelry a reflection of the person wearing it.


"The name SÈVE draws inspiration from my personal history, recalling my childhood and my mother's words of encouragement. She consistently reminded me that, in the face of life's complexities, I possess untapped inner strengths that would enable me to overcome obstacles and achieve my dreams. This lesson left a profound imprint on me and continues to lead me today.

I founded SÈVE inspired by this fundamental lesson. We all have potential for personal growth within us, but this is often unrecognized until the moment we truly need it.
SEVE embodies this quality. Jewelry holds for me a much deeper significance than mere adornment. I wear it to constantly carry with me what I need to move through life: inspiring words, lived emotions, cherished individuals, and even conquered challenges.

I conceive of jewelry as emotionally resonant objects that accompany, support, and give confidence. Throughout our lives, we all require comfort, support, and reminders of our worth, elements that can sometime feel out of reach. That's why I created SÈVE: to instill these elements into precious objects that will always be by our side."

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