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SÈVE – a fine jewelry brand that launched in 2023, designed to inspire and empower those who adorn our pieces. Our foundation is rooted in the great importance of self-development and internal growth, which is essential when seeking a conscious life abundant with self-fulfillment and confidence.

Our approach to designing each piece draws on our inspirations within contemporary art; we believe in gender-neutrality and timeless design. SÈVE works towards a seasonless appeal, ensuring our high-quality pieces last for lifetimes and can be passed down through generations.

Each piece showcases SÈVE's signature design feature, a succession of inset diamonds along the outer band of each ring. All pieces are entirely handmade in Paris, reflecting our uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability, and ethical practices. We exclusively use 18-karat recycled gold certified COC (Chain-Of-Custody) and ethically sourced natural diamonds, adhering to The Kimberly Process.

SÈVE is for empowerment.


Meaning sap in French, SÈVE believes in the conscious pursuit of self-development and internal nurturing, much like the nourishing sap within a tree that allows it to grow for generations. It is our vision to empower those who want to grow within themselves, we hope to serve as a reminder to all that the importance of that inner brightness is a beacon of our potential.

Often, we can forget the channels of resource that we hold within us, allowing us the ability to face everything that may be challenging. Like nature, we are always capable of regrowing and rebuilding ourselves.


At SÉVE, sustainability and ethical practices are at the heart of what we do. We value the Earth’s natural beauty as well as deeply respecting labour, work conditions, and human rights.

We choose to produce all of our pieces locally in Paris where our designs are hand-cut, shaped, and polished by master goldsmiths in order to achieve the highest standards of the craft.

We attach great importance to jewelry education, ensuring we can provide consumers with the information they need to decode the jewelry universe, allowing them to make more conscious and informed decisions when it comes to buying fine jewelry.



Alice Bigourd is the Founder and Creative Director of SÈVE. Her educational and professional journey has made way for her to adventure through Paris, New York, London, and Saint-Tropez.

Throughout her travels, Alice used jewelry as a way to keep her loved ones close to her at all times, and each piece of jewelry she wears has a special meaning. After graduating with a master’s degree in marketing, Alice worked for a renowned high-end jewelry and watchmaking brand, located in Place Vendôme, Paris. Alice's deep love for jewelry and her unwavering desire to offer ethical and sustainable pieces at the highest quality possible, has led her to pursue a diploma in gemology, and of course, launch SÈVE.

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